Project and processes: A convenient but simplistic dichotomy

This paper explores commonalities and differences between projects and processes, and between project management and process management, with a view to challenging this dichotomic typology, clarifying the gray areas in between and proposing better ways to classify and manage different endeavors. The current paradigms engender a number of organizational endeavors, which are actually complex processes being managed as projects, using the PMBOK. Because each instantiation takes a somewhat different form, it is treated as a one-of-a-kind undertaking, whereby many of the opportunities for learning and continuous improvement associated with process management are lost. A reframing and typology is proposed to clarify the central notions involved.

HARVEY, J. and AUBRY, M. “Project and processes: a convenient but simplistic dichotomy.“, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 38(6), June 2018, pp. 1289-1311