Published. March 2019. Crafting service delivery processes – the art and science, ASQ Quality Press, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Quality Press, American Society for Quality, Milwaukee,  165 pp.

The purpose e of this book is to introduce the reader to basic notions regarding services. It is written for people familiar with the basic concepts and precepts of business management. Experienced managers, business students, and people who have recently assumed managerial responsibilities, or plan to assume them in the near future, will find the content easily accessible. Most professionals and university graduates with a few years of work experience will probably require a bit longer to plow through the material, and some chapters may require more than one reading.

The book can be used as a stand-alone document, as it does not require prior or concurrent reading of any other material. Used as such, the book will make the reader a better service manager, whatever field of endeavor she may be engaged in or may be planning to get involved in. The book clarifies such basic notions as service experience, positioning, service concept, job concept, value proposition, service strategy, operations strategy, service standards, service design, and a host of others (an extensive lexicon is provided).

The book can also be used as a companion to Complex Service Delivery Processes (CSDP), third edition.