7 Value to processes

Connecting Value to Processes: The Techniques

Deciding on the right thing to do requires the identification of the processes you should focus on to provide superior value and create competitive advantage. Effective change happens in bite-sized chunks, but you have to ensure coherence among the pieces. To achieve the proper scope, an organization must determine where a project fits into the global picture and pick the right part of the right process to improve. We present a project scoping methodology to do just that.

7.1 Scoping process improvement project in complex services

This video is a practical and technical extension of the airport video, introducing basic process notions.  It takes shows how these notions can be applied in the more abstract business world of information-based intangible processes.  The input here is not a person or a piece of luggage, but a request for proposal, and the output is a legally binding proposal.  The scoping phase is critical to the success of any process improvement or process design project.  The case of a software developer is used to illustrate the methodology.

Key concepts: Project scoping, problem statement, process mission, efficiency, effectiveness

Techniques: SITOC, FAST, SMART problem statement, Big Y/small y, E&E diagram, influence diagram