9 - Improving a process

9.1 The DMAIC methodology.  The improvement methodology includes five stages: define, measure, analyse, improve, and control (DMAIC, for short). The methodology is associated with Six Sigma. Since the viewer is now familiar with processes, it is useful to understand that the methodology itself is a process – a process to improve a process.

It includes five sequential sub-processes or phases, each defined by its respective action verb, as listed above. The input to the process is an improvement idea, which comes from an idea hopper, such as that discussed in Chapter 7. The output is an improved process that is stable and capable. Each phase or sub-process contributes to that transformation.

dmaic-process 1

Overview of the DMAIC methodology

The process improvement methodology

This five part series presents the generic DMAIC process improvement methodology.  Part 1 provides some perspective and gives an overview of the methodology (the “Define phase is covered in other videos).  Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5, cover “M”, “A”, “I”, and “C “, respectively.

dmaic-process 2


If you can't measure it, you do not know anything about it.

dmaic-process 3


Primum non nocere: problem finding before problem solving.  Share it with all concerned before you even discuss solutions.


dmaic-process 4


Now you can fix it.

dmaic-process 5


That's the toughest part: woe befalls the organization that cannot stay the course.